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3.29.2020 games

This unique 8x8 font has a great text based adventure to show it off!

Mass Driver is the flashy new font foundry that just moved into the neighborhood.

They’ve just launched with a very creative pixel font, titled MD-Eight, the eight namesake is because each character is set within an 8 by 8 grid of pixels.

The font makes great use of negative space, making it impressively legible for a font made out of pixels.

How do I get it?
1.24.2020 font variable-font

Marvin, a space aged variable font for the modern web.

Ever since variable fonts were introduced to the web, we’ve been seeing more and more creativity and beauty. Marvin Visions popped up in 2017 and was a trailblazer that carved out the space!

Marvin Visions is a modern and consistent reinterpretation of Marvin, a typeface originally designed by Michael Chave in 1969 and published by Face Photosetting. It has been revived and expanded by Mathieu Triay for the identity of Visions, a new science fiction magazine.

Now, Marvin Visions was released in 2017. But it’s really just too amazing not to write about!

The website itself shows off how sleek and versatile variable fonts can be, resizing seamlessly from thick to thin, tall to short.

Any other special details?
1.15.2020 font variable-font

Now *this* is how you show off your new variable font.

Swiss type foundry Grilli Type are at it again with GT Alpina. There really is no better way to describe it than in the foundry’s own words:

GT Alpina by Reto Moser proudly calls itself a workhorse serif, but delights in playing with the very meaning of that concept. It reaches into the grab bag of typographic history to resurrect shapes some may mistakenly see as too expressive.

Now for the extra icing on the cake: the font has been beautifully engineered as a beloved variable font!

And what better way to show off what a variable font can do, than with a fully interactive experience?

I want to read about the experience
8.20.2019 typography font

Ugly Gerry, a font revealing the ugly face of gerrymandering

A font created from US Congressional Districts. Amazingly, the creators have been able to rustle out every single letter of the alphabet.

The font, available here, provides the OTF files you will need to use the font. Their Twitter is also very active, with some great blasts aimed at politicians, and celebs.

Whats Gerrymandering?