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5.28.2020 font

MonoLisa is a new hyper readable monospace font for your ide

A clean new take on a monospace font to freshen up your IDE.

That Sly Smile

If you’re setting up your brand new laptop and looking for a new terminal and IDE font, then MonoLisa could be the breath of fresh air that you’re looking for!

Built by font foundry FaceType MonoLisa was specifically build to help you over those long haul sessions, in their own words:

MonoLisa was designed by professionals to improve developers’ productivity and reduce fatigue.

By providing a slightly wider monospace, and some specifically curated characters MonoLisa allows your eyes to glide over your code with ease and comfort. With a few extra ligatures thrown into the mix, it really feels like the font you’ve been looking for!

Managed like a software project rather than a static entity, you can see the smaller version updates as they roll through making the font nicer and nicer with each iteration.

The site also provides you with a great playground (honestly a mandatory these days for new fonts) to compare how it will look in your favorite language