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3.29.2020 games

This unique 8x8 font has a great text based adventure to show it off!

Mass Driver is the flashy new font foundry that just moved into the neighborhood.

They’ve just launched with a very creative pixel font, titled MD-Eight, the eight namesake is because each character is set within an 8 by 8 grid of pixels.

The font makes great use of negative space, making it impressively legible for a font made out of pixels.

The real treat though is that along with the fonts specimin sheet, there’s a neat text-based adventure game to show it off!

The Cave Of Dolmenlore is a great blast from the past, taking you right back to when text-based games ruled supreme and is truly one of the most creative ways I’ve seen a foundry show off their wares.

All of Mass Drivers fonts can be found on their website, they also offer trial fonts for download, so you can give them all a whirl.

As an extra tidbit, Mass Drivers website is built on a system called FontDue, which has been made to get new foundries off the ground with as little work as possible, so people can really focus on the fonts!

The Cave Of Dolmenlore