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Generative placeholder images for your next project!

When I think of placeholder images, I will always think of the forever wonderful placekitten and placepuppy. This project though, adds a beautiful piece of randomness, art, and joy that we’ve come to know and love from generative art.

Generative Placeholders has an artistic and nerdy flair with the added perk that your placeholders will be extra unique!

The project offers a wide range of great generative and mathematical art. It has also gone above and beyond to include some wonderful color palettes, provided by the lovely nice color palettes node module.

For example:

Generative Artwork 1


Generative Artwork 2

If you’re concerned that all your images will look the same, fear not! There’s an extra URL parameter (img=X) where X is the specific seed you would like to use for each individual image.

What's happening behind the scenes?
1.17.2020 art generative

Computational knitwear!? Here's my money, you can take it all.

If you’re looking for something unique as a gift, or for that personal flair, then look no further than KnitYak.

KnitYak started off as a kickstarter, launched by Fabienne “fbz” Serriere, with the goal of creating generative knitwear, and wow-oh-wow was it a success.

By basing all the designs off generative algorithms, KnitYak is able to make each item a one-off.

Looking through the catalog, you can recognize some of the generative algorithms that defined the art-space, from the Mandelbrot set to the Cellular Automata. There’s something very beautiful about pulling an algorithm out of the computer, and turning it into something you can physically touch and hold.

Wow, how are they making these?
1.10.2020 art games generative

“Please, Touch the Artwork” brings more puzzling to abstract art.

Belgian game studio, creatively named Studio Waterzooi, have been hard at work on their first title: Please, Touch the Artwork.

Slated for release on iOS, The Google Play store,, and more.

I have to say, it looks like a wonderful combination of abstract art and a calming, zen gameplay with some puzzling twists.

Looking at the trailer, we can see that every piece of the game, right down to the minimalistic main character, has been inspired by different pieces of art.

Is it out yet?