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Generative placeholder images for your next project!

When I think of placeholder images, I will always think of the forever wonderful placekitten and placepuppy. This project though, adds a beautiful piece of randomness, art, and joy that we’ve come to know and love from generative art.

Generative Placeholders has an artistic and nerdy flair with the added perk that your placeholders will be extra unique!

The project offers a wide range of great generative and mathematical art. It has also gone above and beyond to include some wonderful color palettes, provided by the lovely nice color palettes node module.

For example:

Generative Artwork 1


Generative Artwork 2

If you’re concerned that all your images will look the same, fear not! There’s an extra URL parameter (img=X) where X is the specific seed you would like to use for each individual image.

Some of these placeholders come from my very own generative artistry website. So if you’re interested in learning the process of developing them, those tutorials will guide you through the process!

The project is also on glitch! So you can dig into all of the code within the project and remix it to your heart’s desire.

Generative Placeholders
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