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The best of PlotterTwitter, February 2020.

February has come and gone, and since it’s a leap year, 29 days have gone with it. Twenty-nine wonderful days of my favorite Twitter hashtag, #PlotterTwitter.

As with January, here’s another round-up of amazing artists & pen plottings, alongside any other commentary/algorithm I can spot within the works!

Straversi printed off an elevation map of SF in brilliant detail, using this fantastic open source tool that was built on top of Mapbox.

Joseph Wilk is doing some amazing work, hooking the axidraw up to an airbrush. With liquid ink, the outcome is intricate and super random.

Michelle Chandra created some spirographic patterns that remind me of the Mystify screensaver on my old Windows PC. The white ink on black paper is stunning.

Spongenuity created incredible multi-colored, multi-layered portraits that use flow fields in their fill pattern.

Sladix plotted reaction diffusion patterns with great results!

Neil Jenkins plotted archimedian spirals with images behind them, creating intricate mesmerizing plots!

Rev Dan Catt created a grid of vase patterns with beautiful blue ink. The overlapping patterns really make them pop off the page.

Franz Jungreitmayr created a digital bee. Is it hand-drawn or is it done with a plotter?

Algorigraph’s single line portraits are very clever, slowly interpolating from one design to another.

Dan Anderson plotted designs onto shirts! I spy a Lorenz Attractor!

Julien Espagnon combined flow fields with circle packing algorithms.

JBum made a tool using the quickdraw dataset that creates people-drawn pattern mosaics for your robot to draw!

And that concludes my February wrap up. Once again #PlotterTwitter proves to be an incredibly creative space where the community continues to share their amazing work.