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Your one stop shop for all things paper planes

Folding planes is everyone’s favorite past time

I truly love a website that has a single defined purpose Fold’n’Fly is exactly that, cataloging a multitude of different paper planes by distance, flight time, and difficulty.

Really, it’s the perfect complete resource, supplying clearly defined step by step instructions for each of the 45 planes including printable instructions that will make the job that little bit simpler.

The difficulties range from the incredibly simple “Basic” to the incredibly complex “Sailor Wing”.

Fold’n’Fly also a YouTube channel with cleanly produced instructionals that will get you through any hang-ups you may have translating the 2d to 3d… what more do you need.

The icing on the cake really, is the 90’s style website wrapping it all up in the perfect bundle. Let’s get folding!