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3.9.2020 art roundup

Wash those hands! Creatives types are showing up to teach you good hygiene.

In the grips of the current COVID–19 climate, we’re all understandably in the midst of looking at our current hygienic ways, and ideally improving it for the better of all of us!

Over the past few weeks I’ve spotted a lot of very helpful and creative projects popping up within the personal hygiene realm, and I’d love to highlight them!

Wash Your Lyrics by William Gibson is one of my favorite examples.

We’ve learned that washing your hands to the tune of Happy Birthday (some people say twice) is a great way to get the correct amount of time to have truly clean hands. Wash Your Lyrics allows you to provide a song, and with the tempo and lyrics to that song, it will give you the step by step guide to washing your hands with it!

We’ve also got some stats on what songs people have been picking! I can’t say there are too many surprises there!

This next site has perhaps the most glorious domain name, and to match it, a fantastic application. Do Not Touch Your Face is amazing.

Enable your webcam, go through a little configuration, and you’ll have an amazing companion that will be on your case from the get-go. Get your hands near your face, and you will hear an amazingly clear “NO!” … I left it running for a while as I tried to work, and the dividends began to roll in.

Do Not Touch Your Face uses TensorFlow to train an AI to recognize when you’re touching your face. It always blows me away seeing how far and wide the world of JavaScript has spread and what we’re able to do with it now.

This last memory technique is very effective. Digital artist CACHEFLOWE made this catchy tune, which has been stuck inside my head since the first time I heard it.

Somehow, I think its the crass language and somewhat simple, repetitive tune that has made it easily stick!

If you’ve got any more memory techniques, cool applications or creative displays that will be generally positive to all of our hygiene, please, send them in!

Wash Your Lyrics
Do Not Touch Your Face