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1.20.2020 demoscene art

Want to know what the web is capable of? Here you go!

Artist and creative developer Lars Berg has one of the most amazing portfolios out there, full of wondrous WebGL experiments that always push the envelope.

Lars’s sketchbook is really one to sink your teeth into! From weird springy life-like paper image stretchy things.

To creepy spikey slug creatures that will completely weird you out.

Really, the creativity just doesn’t end.

There are grabby tentacle monsters that are probably hovering just deep enough underwater that you can’t quite see them as you swim.

Honestly, I’m really out of words to describe them.

A lot of these recent demos were released during Codevember, which, for those who haven’t heard of it, is a month-long challenge whereby you try to release something new for each day of the month. There are even prompts to help you along!

Anyhow, if you haven’t already hit the follow button, Lars’s tweets seem to be the first place these demos pop up!

Lars Berg
Lars Berg on Twitter