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3.5.2020 code

This is interactive poetry at its best.

Thibaud Goiffon is a French student studying graphic & interactive design. His project, Intimacy, shows off an amazing spark of creativity and an ability to make curiously fun web toys!

Intimacy itself, is, in its creator’s words:

A short poem, composed of images, sounds and texts.

It really delivers on that promise. Each sketch has its own unique feel; often combining specific reactive animations, surprising interactive components, and quirky sounds.

As a bonus (my favorite kind of bonus) Thibaud often uploads his creations to CodePen, where you can pry open the JavaScript tab and feast on the juicy code within.

Projects like this always hold a special place in my heart, creating an experience that hits on multiple senses at once and encourages you to play around as you try to learn how it works.

The code is really worth checking out. It’s clever, clean, and concise!

Thibaud Goiffon on Twitter
Thibaud Goiffon on CodePen