The Indie Web
1.14.2020 folio

This folio defines interactive design and development.

Ever see the title “interactive developer” and wonder what that really entails?

Nathan Taylor’s website is a treasure trove of interactive tricks and toys that really show off his vast skillset.

From a small Pac-Man munching up letters, to a web audio synth, if you haven’t clicked the link yet and checked it out, honestly you’re missing out!

Each of the amazing interactive tiles on this site means something unique. They include some of Nathan’s favorite projects.

EOTW (End of the world) is a super weird, spacey, blow your mind kinda experience that really shows off what you can do in the browser.

Nathan’s CodePen profile, is also the kind that will have you plowing through the code, trying to understand how things look so so good!

Nathan Taylor’s Website
Nathan’s CodePen
Nathan’s Twitter