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5.16.2020 webgl

There ain't no party like a domino party.

If only you could reset real-life dominoes with the click of a button

Domino mario takes a spill

This is probably the most fun you can have with dominoes without leaving your browser.

César Botana’s Domino Party lets you fill up a 1x1 meter square with dominoes with a few nifty tools to make the job a little easier, like image templates and automatical triangles! You can then trigger your dominoes off and watch them fall, with the simulated WebGL physics leading the way!

Once you’ve made a creation you can save it (providing your dominoes trail hits the last domino in the screen) and then share it with the world. Here’s one of mine.

The main domino party url is rigged up in party mode, which strings all the domino sets together, in and a seemingly endless chain of creativity and domino based fun.