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4.4.2020 code

The most beautiful command line docs. Maybe ever?

When you’re getting into development, one of the trickier things is getting used to the command line. Learning git, and git commands are often one of the first steps in Bootcamps, and for anyone who is coming into coding from a design or creative background, suddenly working in the brutally simple terminal can come as a big surprise.

This wonderful website, dash dash, takes all of the manual pages of different command-line tools and pulls all of that documentation into a clean concise website.

The whole goal of course, helping designers and really any non-computery background people into the field!

There are so many areas where DashDash shines, the organization being my favorite aspect, where you can easily see which commands are most useful, and then again, the clean-cut out explanation of how they’re used.

The creators of DashDash have really built a case study about page for the site. And honestly, as far as case studies go, this is a best in class example. Exploring ideation, design iterations, code inspiration, typography and all.

The case study goes through this, though I feel like its worth an extra shout out – the comic book style, halftone effect is built off some really creative halftone experiments by Dave Desandro,

Dash Dash