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1.7.2020 glitch PWA

The best time to start tracking your year is now.

If you’re the kind of person who likes beautiful graphs as well as keeping tight track of your life, this project is one for you.

Year in Pixels is a clever Alejandro AR app with a minimalistic design that will allow you to track your mood throughout the year.

For those now looking back at 2019 and worrying about 2020, logging your daily mood is a fantastic way to start your year off right. It not only allows you to spot patterns in your life, but also helps you recognize earlier when you’re starting to wear down.

And if you’ve noticed in the url, the app is built on Glitch! That means you can remix it, changing the design, colors, or whatever you desire.

Alejandro has really gone above and beyond with this, allowing you to import and export your data, as well as see a preview of the mood heat map using some dummy data.

And thats not all! It’s also a progressive web app, which means it’ll keep working when you’re offline.

Even if you’re not the introspective type, the code is very neat and readable and well worth the look over.

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