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5.23.2020 rpg

Take your tabletop gaming to the next level with this stunning dungeon creator.

Beautiful Dungeons

Sometimes you can really tell when a project comes straight from the heart, designed to scratch an itch that was otherwise impossible to scratch…

Dungeon Scrawl is one of those projects, providing you with a solid set of tools to create expansive tabletop dungeons with a unique style that immediately draws you in.

Really though, with a project like this, it’s important to get the basics right, setting you up to create an immersive world where your imagination will be able to fill in the remaining details and dungeon scrawl really does that, dropping you straight into that creative space as soon as you hit that URL.

The tool starts off with the basics, rectangles and other polygons, and then expands into more complex shapes, easy ways to roughen the edges of the map, layers with stairs, a stunning isometric view, and add beautifully small details in just the right spots.

Beautiful Dungeons

On top of that, simple export features that are again, very well thought out (multi-page printing, omg).

There is also a patreon which I can really get behind, and a great reddit community already starting to grow!

Truly, the project and its creator Keir have a wonderful growing journey ahead!