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1.11.2020 code

Take a step back and see how other developers do it.

As someone who has been writing code for a long time, I find that I really get stuck in my ways. Over time new editors roll around, new hardware, new everything. is a fantastic website by Wes Bos, providing an almanac of developers’ websites, linking out to their respective /uses pages.

What is a /uses page?

A “uses” page, in this context, is, as the website describes: a page detailing developer setups, gear, software, and configs. Still confused? Here are a few great examples.

Now, why is that useful? Well, if you’re like me and are stuck in your ways, its always healthy to take a breath and see how other people like to work. You just might learn something new!

This fantastic resource is also open-source, so you can dig right in and see how its made. (Spoiler, its nice and modern and a great example of how to use Gatsby for a static blog!)

Wes is also tweeting a lot of great details about what is running behind the scenes… A solid follow for any inquisitive learners out there.

If you want to add yourself to the list, you can open up a pull request with your information added to the data file. (There are plenty of great examples in there, if you’re new to Git!)

Uses.Tech has a few other fantastic features: You can filter by all sorts of categories! From the developer’s title, to the type of work they do, to the language they code in, all the way down to the their country of origin.

Fun Tidbit Alert: The site also features an animated favicon, which is a nice piece of added flair. You can see how that one is working in the source using a smart combination of emoji and the canvas toDataUrl function.
Wes Bos