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1.17.2020 twitter

PortfolioDay has come and gone on Twitter, here are a few favorites to brighten up your feed today.

This week saw #PortfolioDay shoot up on Twitter, filling my feed with a marvelous array of talent.

It felt fitting to share a few of my favorite new follows, all people who will provide your Twitter feed with a fresh boost of color and a delightful pop of positivity.

Australian Artist Milly Que’s illustrations are just a stunning breath of fresh air.

Geneva Bowers manages to bring life and a special sparkle of wonder into all of her work!

Cassandra Jean’s color palettes give such mysterious energy to each and every artwork. It’s like you can feel them coming to life.

More, I need more!
1.6.2020 twitter anime

These anime disks are an aesthetic experience.

Every now and then you stumble onto a Twitter thread that is so on point, you find yourself scrolling and scrolling until you’re at the very end. This is one of those times.

Jarrett Poole has put together a beautiful tweet thread that puts the disks on display, pulling you straight into the hand drawn, nostalgic anime world.

Honestly, the clips are so short I could barely recognize some of these… but I gave myself a healthy pat on the back for the few that I was able to pin down.

Seriously, just check out the thread.

Just show me more!