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1.18.2020 art meditative

This game is calming, super fun, & addictive all wrapped in one.

Falling sand games have been around for a long time (as early as 2005, according to the Wikipedia). They provide a canvas for artful exploration, creativity, and are just all-round relaxing fun.

SandSpiel by Max Bittker is no exception. It’s a fantastic sand simulation combining a lot of great elements from the originals, from the base sand and water, through to lava, wood, fungus, and ice.

The aim of the game is to create. Pouring water and seeds onto the ground will result in plants and flowers blooming. Drop some lava onto it and it all goes up into smoke.

People are really getting creative with this… it’s well worth your time to drop into the gallery and browse the creations!

Now, I’m a little late writing about this (it was released in late 2018), but it was too fun not to share. Max has also written up a great “making of” article, digging into the inspirations, aspirations, and more.

I love this and want more!