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2.14.2020 microcode bot

Run your tweet on a virtual 8-bit computer.

This is a true gem in the realm of microcode. BBC Micro Bot is an amazing tweet-bot, with a simple premise. Just @ mention it in a tweet with some BASIC code, and it will reply with an animated rendering of the result.

This project is fairly fresh, but already yielding fantastic results. I love the many ways such a small amount of code can result in something so beautiful and animated.

For the tweets below, you can see both the code and the outcome. I’ve tried to identify and link out to the theory or idea behind the code if I can spot it easily.

With all creative code… playing around with it is an incredible opportunity to learn while exploring your creative side! Remix, resend, and create something new! If you’ve got something you’re proud of, edit this post on GitHub to share it!

Here, we have Sierpiński’s Triangle. It’s amazing how much complexity can be pulled from recursive code!

This is a great instance of a beautiful and beloved staple in the world of generative code:

10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10
The randomization of two characters shows so much complexity and beauty!

Random triangle generation, colors, and fills. Really such simple code that still sucks you into the screen!

It’s projects like this that really show how powerful visual code can be!

It’s a starfield. I can see the random numbers. But how it’s looping and animating is beyond me. Beautiful!

A beautiful trigonometric cycle, creative. Some Moiré-style patterns, not quite the same thing. I’m guessing the visual complexity is coming from the pixel aliasing?

This has to be the Dragon Curve!

Really, the whole account is worth the follow. I can tell right now that we’re just at the tipping point of what will be a marvelous collection of beautiful code!

BBC MicroBot