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6.8.2020 code

Repurposed checkboxes into a fully functional pixelized display board

Your life, only checkboxier.

Checkbox wave

If you’ve been on the internet as long as I have, then you’ve checked your fair share of checkboxes, usually when agreeing to some unread terms and conditions.

Bryan Braun’s latest project, CheckBoxLand repurposes these little blue ticks into an array of pixels for all your rendering needs.

In Bryan’s own words:

Checkboxland is a JavaScript library I recently built for rendering text, animations, and pretty much anything, using only HTML checkboxes.

And well, it does just that! Repurposing the pixels into an array capable of rendering anything from a working digital clock, QR codes, all the way to the game of snake!

Checkbox wave

The code is open source, and the library itself is a picture of simplicity, and very well thought out. You can begin by specifying your element and a matrix of values and will be rendering out checkbox pixels in no time… from there, you can start to play with font rendering, transitions and the internets most missed feature, the marquee