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Origami with JavaScript. An amazing study of color and folds.

If you’ve ever sat and tried to figure out the math behind geometric folds? It’s an incredibly tricky process! With this Origami Study Yuin Chien has created a beautiful digital representation of the folds, and colors of origami.

In her own words, the project is:

A series of visual study exploring origami compositions and colors, hoping to give forms to personal memories and poetic imagination.

Yuin has written a little about the process on her blog and also shown off some stunning renderings, showing off how quickly the complexity of the folded shapes grows as you fold more and more.

You’ll also notice some nifty controls in the top right corner, allowing you to add extra folds, and play with the fillings! These are built with an amazingly versatile interface tool, called Dat.Gui which is always good to have in your back pocket for all your upcoming projects!

If you’ve not checked out Yuin Chien’s Website or Store yet, all of her projects are really worth exploring, covering all a lot of really fun topics, from generative art to typography.

Alphabet is a really cool typohraphy study, using elements of motion design and CSS.

Line Drawing looks into grid systems their interlinking connections, creating some very unique generative art!

Leaf brings generative vectors to life, with a pen plotter!

And there are many many more!

Origami Study
Yuin Chien