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4.12.2020 aesthetic

Miss those ambient office noises? This website is the cure.

Another week of quarantine, and I have to say, I am missing the weird oddities of office life. The fridge cleanings, the coffee machine, but most importantly the people.

That said, Kids Creative Agency has risen to the occasion, with this super simple, yet elegant site, aptly named I miss the office .

Honestly, their own words describe it best.

Providing you with the soothing tones of modern office life to help you focus when working from home.

The site really hits the nail on the head, from the occasional cough, the water cooler all the way to the scanner, slowly buzzing away.

If you’re looking for more office magic, here is a neat little slack bot built by yours truly.

The Passive Aggressive Office Simulator is designed to post those office classic messages right into your slack channel from the fridge cleanings to ergonomics lunches, it’s all covered.

The code is open source, and is a very simple build, showing off the bare minimums of a Slack bot, which makes it rife for forking and creating something of your own!

I miss the office
Passive Agressive Office Simulator