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6.8.2020 chess

Kung Fu Chess adds a real time element to a much loved classic

Real Time Chess

Kung Fu Chess adds a real-time twist into a game played the same way for centuries.

This modern twist adds a whole different dimension to chess, by breaking, well, most of the rules.

Firstly, and most importantly you can move multiple pieces at the same time (or at least as fast as you can move them)… the goal is a little different as well, rather than checkmating the king you need to capture the piece entirely. As you move each piece they have a small cooldown period, leaving them vulnerable to attack!

Now capturing the king is a little trickier than whisking your queen over and eating it up, that king is a slippery devil that can be darn right difficult to pin down.

You’ll need to remember (just like in regular chess) to keep a solid structure of pieces, as well as a few that aren’t stuck stationary in their cooldown period.

Learning to manage your pieces in a real-time manner really shifts how you balance your game, providing a new mental challenge for those who really love their chess.

Now, this format of chess isn’t completely new, its a remake of an older format:

It was originally released in 2002 by Shizmoo Games and was popular through the mid-2000s.

That said, Kung Fu Chess does a good job of providing all you need to get going. On top of the platform, there’s also a long set of tutorials, where you’ll be able to grow your skillset and learn the ropes without being completely crushed by an all-powerful AI

Real Time Chess Tutorials

You can also sit back and observe a few online games and see how other people manage their pieces!

Kung Fu Chess