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2.13.2020 itch

It hurts to play, but you'll keep on coming back.

This game appeals to me on one big and mighty level… I like a game that makes me suffer.

It will shoot a deep painful ache right into your human existence, one jump at a time.

The appropriately named Leg Breaker is a game for Mac, Linux, and Windows… a platformer, like so many before it. The catch being, in each level, you can only jump twice.

When you jump, your leg breaks. When you jump again… well, your other leg breaks. At that point, you’re left crawling upon the ground in a stumbling mess. Which you may actually want, depending on the puzzle.

If you’re not the gaming type, you can watch some great playthroughs online, like the one below!

One of the big difficulties in game development is propperly managing the scope of the project. Keeping it fun, while keeping the gameplay challenging. Leg breaker does this wonderfully, keeping fully within its means, while keeping you coming back for more.

All of the game’s art is of the handcrafted pixel variety, and the sounds are perfectly molded to send a chill up and down your spine on each and every painful jump you make.

Leg Breaker
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