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6.15.2020 data visualization

Interested in DataViz? Shirley Wu's new series is a great place to start

Datavis With Shirley

If you’ve got an interest in data visualization on the web, it’s hard to look past Shirley Wu’s fantastic work. Now you can follow along via video as she goes through her entire workflow from beginning to end.

Truly, if you haven’t run into Shirleys’ work before, you’re in for a special treat. Each and every visualization has a truly unique design and generous speckling of interactivity allowing you to explore the data on your own, while also clearly getting the information across in a readable informative way (which is ironically rare in the online DataViz world).

Shirley also has a wealth of experience on the conference trail, and has a sharp ability to pinpoint exactly the kind of areas that people struggle with, or need to learn about!

Now, whether you’re interested in getting into DataViz, or have done it for a long time, Shirleys new series, Datavis with Shirliey which has just started (on Twitch and YouTube) is the perfect opportunity for you to get in on the ground level and watch and learn as the process from start to finish.

From the collection of data, insights gathered while collecting, analyzing, and final visualization work, we’re in for a treat!