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1.25.2020 art

Fifty-Two weeks of canvas creativity!

Canvas Cards is an amazing year-long project by Luke Patton which features weekly creations using HTML <canvas> elements. Each of the cards has a different set of inspirations, looks, aims, and goals. And wow are they beautiful!

The website itself also allows you to edit the code and re-run the preview in the browser, meaning you can get to play with each and every demo without cloning the repository.

The different combinations of colors and styles have really kept the project amazingly interesting as it progressed throughout the year.

For anyone who’s ever tried to do something every week for an entire year, you know how difficult it can be, which really gives the project that extra special shine.

You may have also noticed that the project itself is hosted on Glitch! This means that you have full access to the source, and can fork and remix the cards as you please. For those interested in getting into generative art, this is the perfect launching off point.

Luke has also written about the process of his project, including some very interesting tidbits about offers for money and selling the works.

It can always be difficult when you’re building something for yourself. In this case, Luke opted for a license that would keep the project open source—allowing people to print the works if they want—but stopping them from being sold. The project was for fun, not for money!

Luke’s openness and honesty can be seen throughout the project. If you’re looking for an example of how to stick to your guns whilst being true to your goals and ambitions, this is definitely the project for you.

Canvas Cards
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