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Experience your coding journey in 3d with with repo surf.

Flying high with repo surf

Ever wondered what your branches, merges & commits would look like in the third dimension, well now you can find out.

Repo Surf occupying the fantastic Repo.Surf domain name is a way to experience your (or any) git history in glorious WebGL powered 3d built by frontend developer Dario Carella. Perfect for visualizing your work, as well as showing off the journey along the way.

To get it going couldn’t be simpler, you plug in your GitHub username and repository to the end of the URL and you’re off to the races. Using this site as an example: /tholman/the-indie-web … the more complex the repo, the more interesting the visualization is of course.

If you’re interested in git visualizations, there are some other really neat open source tools to get the job done, and none better than gource which will animate your repositories history in an animated tree, allowing you to watch the bigger organism grow as developers jump from file to file zapping in new lines of code.

If you’re looking to create something of your own, GitHub’s latest (v4) api is built on graphql, which allows you to cleanly get the data you’ll from your repository to put to action!