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5.30.2020 design typography

Curb your modal use with these suggested alternatives

They’re not joking around, there are way too many modals on the web

This beautiful brutalistic designed resource will give you all a great run down as to why your modals are wrong, and what to do about it!

The creator and freelance designer Adrian is striking out with a harsh yet honest assessment of modals:

Modals are the crutch of the inarticulate designer and developer.

This site aims (and succeeds) in being a great resource to push your modal development into other more practical uses, from non-modal dialogs to expanding elements, all of which are at the very least worth considering before building out that all blocking modal element.

If a modal is a “must-have” in your case, there are some suggestions to keep your modals at least a little nice (including outlawing the ever painful modal inception)

As an extra delightful twist, Adrian has offered up the fonts on the site (aptly named modalz) for free as well, to add a pixely flair to your next project!

Modalz modalz modalz