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8.31.2020 gaming resource

A tower defense game, utilizing the power of CSS flexbox.

Flexbox Defense

Whether you’re the master of flexbox or someone who’s looking to learn, flexbox defense by Channing Allen is the game for you. Although it’s been around for a while (5 years!) its lessons are as relevant as ever.

The premise is simple, you’re given some rows of towers, which you’ll have to position with flexbox to your required specifications, once you think you’re ready for a wave you can let loose the enemies.

As they roll through the track, it will be your carefully positioned towers that gun them down, getting you to the next stage.

While this may seem easy at first, by the time you’re into wave 6 (out of 12) your CSS brain will definitely begin to ache as you try to bend the flexbox positioned towers to your will.

Channing Allen has also generously open-sourced the project on GitHub for anyone who wants to see what’s running behind the scenes.

Flexbox Defense