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1.28.2020 art shaders

A super way to show off your stunning shaders.

If you’ve ever looked into shaders, then you’ve probably run into Shadertoy, a fantastic tool for building shaders in the browser, as well as a community for showing off what you’ve made. That said, Shadertoy’s aesthetic and appeal is directly targeted at developers who want the shader and its code.

CineShader, is a layer over top of Shadertoy created by Lusion. It’s a website built to share your shader with a broader audience. CineShader does this in a way that shows off more than just the art. It showcases the beauty and feel of the shader as though it’s artwork on a wall.

By creating a 3D scene, along with a dark shaded audience member, CineShader creates the tone and feel of being in a gallery, silently observing and enjoying a piece of work

And that’s not all! CineShader provides a beautiful editor with an editing structure that matches Shadertoy, meaning your code will conveniently work great on both sites!

In fact, CineShader doesn’t save any of your shaders. They provide a few “save slots” with local storage, a simple system for exporting shaders to Shadertoy, and an extended viewing experience.

As extra sweet icing on the cake, there is a plan to support VR in the future, which will really be an exciting way to show off your code!

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