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5.25.2020 pranks

A scary fright in your developer console!

A Spidery Suprise

I know its there to catch the bugs, but nope, nope nope.

The self-proclaimed buggiest site on the web really takes the cake with this scary console-based beast (use CMD + OPT + I on Mac, or CTRL + SHIFT + I on Windows to open the console!)

The web pages create Chris Johnson has taken advantage of a few neat little console tricks, namely the ability to add CSS to your own console commands. He’s also very generously provided a neat js library aptly named consoleimg that lets you add your very own.

Chris is no stranger to creativity in strange places… including creating a game of pong that runs within the layers tool in the console as well!

Be sure to follow Chris (@defaced) for any new updates in the console code space!

buggiest site on the web