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7.3.2020 git

A handy script to reverse your codes indentation, for a harder life

Code with Reverse Indentation

Have you been coding in easy mode? Well, now its time to flip into the upside-down, where your indents are backward and nothing makes sense.

This nifty shell script by game maker Andy Wallace will do, well, exactly as it says: reverse your code’s indentation for a backward experience, making it the perfect tool to prank your friends, coworkers or your sober self after a night of drinking.

Honestly, it is surprising to me how tricky the indentation flip makes everything hard to read. Reverting your code would also make for a great hack day project, to impress your coworkers and ruin your chances of a raise.

Unapologetically, the project is signed off with this beautiful readme.

This is my first bash script and I am completely uninterested in feedback. Do not waste your time or mine.

Which fits into a long-running theme of belief, that you should make things for fun, and not worry what others are thinking!

That said, if you’re interested in breaking into the bash script world, there are a few neat .sh tricks in the source on GitHub, although again you’ll have to get used to that reverse indentation :D