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2.29.2020 art generative art

A generated space for your browser and walls.

The Generated Space is a gallery of procedural and generative art which encompasses a wide variety of techniques and methods. It was created by the wonderful developer and artist Kjetil Golid.

In Kjetil’s own words:

It presents a wide range of different generative algorithms; from organic flow fields and particle systems to rigid fractals and grammar-based shapes. Some more serious than others.

The variety of generative art is really astounding, with creations taking inspiration from a wide range of diverse origins and sources.

From artists such as Jackson Pollock:

Engineer and Mathemetician Oliver Byrne:

Exploring different generative algorithms and ideas, like Cellular Automata:

As well as amazing studies of isometric forms and shapes, creating wonderfully complex structures:

The Generated Space wouldn’t be complete without a shop, where work can be generated once and printed on textured paper. You can buy your own perfectly unique piece of art.

Kjetil has generously made a lot of his works open-source, and has abstracted and exposed some of the useful pieces, such as the palette collection that keep the Generated Space popping with delightful color.

Generated Space
Kjetil Golid on Instagram