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7.10.2020 design icons

A complete system of beautiful icons to provide some unity to your next project

System Uicons

Australian Designer & Developer Corey Ginnivan has generously created and opened up a complete set of icons (220 to be exact) in his latest project, System UIcons

When you’re kicking off a new project, it’s always important to have cohesion amongst your icons… the easiest way to do that of course is to pick a set and stick with it. Corey’s project System UIcons is a comprehensive and complete set that will cover all your basics, what’s more, it’s completely free, as in use it anywhere, attribute only if you want.

Corey, who’s no stranger to icon sets, has another side project that I can’t go without mentioning that follows the same conjoined wording naming scheme Memeojis


The original System Uicons SVG’s are available to download and remix if you feel, with a nifty and simple search tool to make the set easier to use. And then, the final icing on the cake, the whole project is open sourced on GitHub so you can follow along for more additions, and submit your own!

System UIcons
Corey on Twitter